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Information on this page will keep you informed of any coming events that our organization sponsors.

Healing Room Team Member Training is scheduled for
Oct. 5th & 6th, 2018.
If you are interested in attending or knowing more
about this please send an email to
and we’ll send you all the information.
We need to know who is planning to attend by Sept. 16th,
to allow time to procure training materials.

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Author / Speaker, Kat Kerr will challenge what you have believed about Heaven, the “other” dimension (spirit realm), this life, death and even eternity.  Since 1996 she has been ‘caught up’ by the Spirit of God and taken on amazing journeys into the Third Heaven as well as to Hell.  She lives and moves in the supernatural which gives her a detailed understanding of how God, His angels and even darkness operate today.  You will feel the manifest presence of God as she shares what it is like to stand before the living God in the Throne Room. The Father has given hard evidence in her Revealing Heaven series that proves Heaven truly exists and that you will live a literal life there.

She has continually pursued an intimate relationship with God and Jesus and they have caught her up and shown her profound mysteries in the Word and about God’s plans for this current earth.   These revelations will take you ‘out of the box’, empower you to walk in true authority as a Believer and become too ‘hot’ for hell to handle.  Darkness flees from her presence as she walks in obedience to the commission Christ gave her.  Get ready for impartations of the Father to propel you to manifest for Him in this Kingdom Age.


Abner Suarez’s life is a testimony of the goodness and faithfulness of God upon a person’s life.
As a freshman in college, Abner’s life and destiny would be forever altered through a moment of surrender that resulted in a life-changing encounter. Since that moment, Abner’s life has been marked with a deep hunger to know God and to walk as an expression of His character and power as a lifestyle.

Over twenty years after this life-changing encounter, Abner’s journey in pursuing God’s assignment upon his life has taken him around the world where He functions as a speaker, prophetic voice and advisor. His ministry is marked with the ability to call forth the destiny of individuals, churches, cities and nations of the world. H is greatest passion is simply knowing God. From a posture of friendship, He has a God-given mandate to equip the people to display the brilliance of God in the earth.

Abner Suarez is the founder and President of For Such A Time As This, Inc. He is an ordained minister with the Apostolic Network of Global Awakening under the leadership of Randy Clark. He also holds a diploma of Master of Ministry from the Wagner Leadership Institute. He is an avid reader, coffee drinker, and New York Jets fan.


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Please come back often to this page in 2018 to check on coming events that we are currently planning.

We look forward to joining you in events where we have wonderful Praise and Worship to usher in the Lords Presence, and receive ministry from guest Speakers with the Healing anointing.